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Sunrui Rubber&Plastics Wins the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress in Luoyang City

2018-12-13 Share

Recently, Sunrui Rubber&Plastic "floating rail fastener application technology" project won the first prize of Luoyang Science and Technology Progress Award.
The project of "Application Technology of Floating Rail Fasteners" was implemented in 2011. Drawing on high vibration-absorbing fasteners and reducing the demand of rail surface waviness wear, the key technologies of design of wave-wear control resonance system and safety structure were solved systematically, and the overall level reached the international leading level. The product of this project has good vibration reduction effect. The resonant structure design can effectively reduce noise and track wear. Especially in schools, hospitals and laboratories which have higher requirements for vibration reduction, it can greatly improve the vibration impact of the train passing on the surrounding environment, improve people's living environment to a certain extent, and have better social benefits. In recent years, floating rail fasteners have accurately positioned customer value, guided by technological advantages, strengthened cooperation and actively promoted market promotion, aiming at the technical and operational needs of rail transit such as old line transformation, and achieved good economic benefits.

According to the relevant regulations, the Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award shall be evaluated according to the technical difficulty, technical level, transformation degree, economic and social benefits of scientific and technological achievements, highlighting the transformation benefits of scientific and technological achievements, focusing on rewarding projects with outstanding application and transformation benefits. The achievement is a full affirmation of the floating rail fastener application technology project.



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